Welcome to Cairo

A Language for Writing Provable Programs

Turing Complete

Cairo is the first Turing-complete language for creating provable programs for general computation.


Builtins and field elements enable efficient generation of proofs.

Production Ready

Cairo-based systems are already in production on Ethereum mainnet

Hello, Cairo

Will take you from Hello, World to the beginning of non-deterministic programming

How Cairo Works

Understand the building blocks of Cairo

Playground – Now live!

Code and run Cairo from your browser



Translates Cairo code into bytecode

Virtual Machine

Runs the Cairo program and turns it into a trace

IDE Extensions

Syntax highlighting for Vim and Visual Studio Code


Visual rendering of the program run

Application Code

StarkEx 2.0 code – same code that powers DeversiFi on mainnnet

Learn More About Cairo

Watch Shahar Papini talk at ZK-Summit 6 about the design process of developing Cairo

Hello, Cairo

StarkWare’s post introducing Cairo to the world