Welcome to Cairo

A language for scaling dApps using STARKs

A Turing-complete language making it possible for all blockchain developers to harness the power of STARKs

Cairo 1.0 is the upgraded Rust-inspired version of Cairo, allowing developers to write Starknet smart contracts in a safe and convenient manner.

Turing Complete

Cairo is the first Turing-complete language for creating provable programs for general computation.


Builtins and field elements enable efficient generation of proofs.

Production Ready

Cairo-based systems are already in production on Ethereum mainnet

Hello, Cairo

From Hello, World to the beginning
of non-deterministic programming

How Cairo Works

Understand the building
blocks of Cairo


Code, run and test Cairo, right
from your browser, in real time.

New Stuff

Open Sourcing Cairo 1.0!

Cairo 1.0 is open source! This is only the first step towards open-sourcing the StarkNet stack.




Translates Cairo code into bytecode

Virtual Machine

Runs the Cairo program and turns it into a trace

IDE Extensions

Syntax highlighting for Vim and Visual Studio Code


Visual rendering of the program run

Application Code

StarkEx 2.0 code – same code that powers DeversiFi on mainnnet