The Cairo Games

The Cairo Games are competitions where developers can show off their mastery of Cairo. And win prizes. And cool NFTs. And bragging rights. It’s going to be great.

Vol.2 – Has Ended.

The Cairo Games, Vol.2This Round Has Ended

The Cairo Games, Vol.1This Round Has Ended


The next round of the Cairo Games – coming soon.


We will publish a number of puzzles ranging from easy to hard. In each puzzle, you’ll be given a somewhat obfuscated Cairo program with some missing Prover Hints. You’ll have to understand what the program does and add the missing Hints to make it run successfully.


The puzzles will be published in our Playground


Each correct solution will be timestamped on-chain. The first to solve each puzzle gets a prize. Each solver gets a Cairo Games Limited Edition NFT.

What’s Next?

In the week before the games begin, we will share a puzzle example – giving you some time to make sure you understand the mechanics of the game, and how to submit an answer.

Take the dry run to make sure you understand how the game works and are ready to go!

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