The StarkNet event mechanism allows a contract to output information during its execution that can later be used outside of StarkNet. For example, consider a token contract that allows transfers of tokens between users. By only querying StarkNet storage, a user can only see how many tokens they have, and not who transferred those tokens. An event, emitted by the contract whenever funds are transferred, can be used to allow the user to get this information.

Consider the contract described in Adding User Authentication. Let’s add an event whenever the increase_balance() function is called.

Start by defining the event:

// An event emitted whenever increase_balance() is called.
// current_balance is the balance before it was increased.
func increase_balance_called(
    current_balance: felt, amount: felt
) {

Add the following lines before the return() statement in increase_balance():

// Emit the event.
increase_balance_called.emit(current_balance=res, amount=amount);

Save the new contract file as events.cairo. You can find the full contract here.

Compile and declare the contract:

starknet-compile-deprecated events.cairo \
    --output events_compiled.json \
    --abi events_abi.json
starknet declare --contract events_compiled.json --deprecated

Deploy the contract:

starknet deploy --class_hash ${EVENTS_CLASS_HASH}

where ${EVENTS_CLASS_HASH} is the value of class_hash. Invoke increase_balance():

starknet invoke \
    --address ${CONTRACT_ADDRESS} \
    --abi events_abi.json \
    --function increase_balance \
    --inputs 4321

Wait for the transaction to be accepted (when its status is PENDING at least) and run the following line to see the emitted event (replace ${TRANSACTION_HASH} with the transaction hash you got from the last command):

starknet get_transaction_receipt --hash ${TRANSACTION_HASH}

Consider the events section of the output. It should resemble:

"events": [
        "data": [
        "from_address": "0x14acf3b7e92f97adee4d5359a7de3d673582f0ce03d33879cdbdbf03ec7fa5d",
        "keys": [

The result contains the following fields:

  • from_address – The address of the contract emitting the event.

  • data – The arguments passed to increase_balance_called.emit: the balance before (0) and the amount (4321==0x10e1).

  • key – The event’s key, which is derived from the name of the event (increase_balance_called). If your contract emits more than one type of event, you can use this field to distinguish between them. You can use Python to get the event key from its name:

    from starkware.starknet.compiler.compile import \

Note that StarkNet currently does not have an API to fetch all events from a given contract.