Ofir Einhorn

Cairo Roadmap: Join the Ride

Cairo v1 has evolved significantly since its early alpha days, reaching feature parity with Cairo 0, and accumulating new features on top (basic loops are now available, and many more capabilities are underway). Our goal in this post is to shed more light on Cairo’s short-term roadmap:  what is currently being worked on and what developers can expect in the coming weeks and months.


Cairo 1.0 is Here

Cairo 1.0 first release is here!
Developers can start writing and testing Cairo 1.0 programs. Feature parity with the older version of Cairo will be reached in the coming weeks

Open Sourcing Cairo 1.0!

Cairo 1.0 is open source! This is only the first step towards open-sourcing the StarkNet stack.
We now present a first look into the Cairo 1.0 compiler. You can now start experimenting with basic Cairo 1.0 code. Cairo 1.0 at its core is very similar to Rust